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We've successfully tackled over 150 rehab projects throughout Hawaii and the mainland, with a portfolio of 165 rental properties. Our total home sales reach a whopping $130 million! How did we get here? Through our extensive research methods, we buy most of our properties off-market or through realtor relationships. Each property undergoes thorough vetting and rigorous analysis, ensuring that we provide the best investment opportunities for our valued investors. Join us today and be a part of our community!

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What's our vision?

To break down financial barriers and exceed money making expectations for ourselves and our community.

How do I get started in real estate with no capital?

Start by going to the bank to see what kind of loan they will offer you. Look for deals with a trusted realtor on the MLS. Another great way is to invest with a partner that has experience. Networking is your best friend.

What is the minimum amount I need to invest with you?

It depends on the investment deal. Normally the minimum is $50,000 but we are willing to work with investors on this amount. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about exceptions.

Why would you flip in Hawaii with such high price points?

There is room to grow everywhere. A lot of the local properties we invest in are abandoned, run down, or unlivable so we are able to get a discount to improve this.

What's our experience?

Over 100 homes flipped, $130 million in deals, and 150 rental properties across Hawaii and the mainland.

When can I expect my money to return when I invest with you?

The majority of our loans are set up on an 8-12 month note, but it depends on the size of the project. If we are doing a tear down and rebuild, we will have to wait on the county inspectors for approvals . This will cause delays. But, we account for all of those details upfront and will give you estimated time frame for the return on your investment.