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Regardless of your situation, Real Estate Money Makers was made with YOU in mind. It's your guide to shutting out the skeptics, crafting your own success story, unlocking your full potential, and achieving wealth, security, and freedom beyond your wildest dreams – all while surrounded by a community of like-minded dreamers.

What's Included?

Introduction to REI

 + Welcome & Course Overview

 + How to Get the Most Out of This Course

 + My REI Journey

 + WHY Real Estate?

 + The Mindset You Need to Get Started

 + Creating Achievable Goals

 + Holding Yourself Accountable

 + Terms You Need to Know

 + Develop Your Skills

 + Choosing Your Niche

 + REI Strategies

 + What's Your Path?

Get Your First Property

 + Real Estate Financing 

 + How & Where to Find Properties

 + Investment Property Rules

 + Defining Your Criteria

 + Deal Analysis

 + Exit Strategies

 + Gather Property Information

 + Desktop Analysis

 + Estimate Repairs

 + Purchase Agreements & Contracts

 + Submit Offers

 + Conventional Loans

 + Hard Money Loans

 + Private Money Lenders

 + Owner Financing

 + Creative Financing

 + Refinancing

 + What to do Before Listing a Property

 + Listing a Property

 + Closing a Property

Develop Your Business

 + Business Plan

 + Learn Your Market

 + Investing Beyond Your Local Market

 + Setup Your Business

 + Building Your Team

 + Create Credibility 

 + How to Find Your Target Audience

 + Understand the MLS

 + Direct Mail

 + Cold Calling

 + Listing Sites

 + Curate a Millionaire Work Environment

 + Hiring Your Team

 + Create Company Culture

Master the Investment Strategies

 + Flipping - Scope of Work

 + Job Bidding

 + Proper Documentation & Permits

 + Managing the Rehab

 + How to Use Credit Cards for Projects

 + Exiting a Rehab

 + Wholesaling - What is Wholesaling?

 + How to Find Wholesale Deals

 + Evaluating a Wholesale Deal

 + Funding Wholesale Deals

 + Wholesale Contracts

 + Exiting a Wholesale Deal

 + Rental Properties - Rental Strategies

 + Property Management

 + Finding Long-Term Tenants

 + How To: Mid-Term Rentals

 + Evaluate the Market for Bnbs

 + How to Furnish

 + Who to Hire

 + Bnb Listing & Automation Sites

Access the Hawaii REI Community

 + Exclusive Access to Hawaii REI Events & Meetups

 + Partner with the Coaches or other Community Members on Deals

 + Get Answers to All of Your Questions at Any Time

 + Receive 2 Priority Calls from the Coaches to Get a Deal Across the Finish Line

Weekly Training Calls

 + Attend Weekly Training Calls Covering Advanced Topics like Growth Marketing, Taxes, Multi-Family, Commercial, Sales Techniques, Social Media, and more. 

 + Attend Secondary Training Calls for Live Deal Reviews of Yours & Your Peers Active Deals. Receive Feedback from the Community on How to Proceed. 

This is for you if...

you are committed to taking action

you enjoy challenges & taking risks

you are sick of complacency & working for someone else

you're tired of all the beginner resources & information

you're seeking financial freedom through strategic investments

you're missing a structured framework to elevate your game


It's what we do.

Navigating the intricate world of real estate investing is not just our passion—it's our expertise. With years of hands-on experience and countless success stories in Hawaii, we've fine-tuned our approach to ensure that aspiring investors like you are armed with the best strategies, insights, and tools. Our commitment? To guide you step-by-step, sharing the secrets of the trade and helping you carve out your niche in this lucrative industry.


And this is how.

We break down the complex processes into digestible, actionable steps. From understanding market dynamics and identifying lucrative opportunities to mastering negotiation tactics and closing deals, we've curated a comprehensive roadmap. Through hands-on training, interactive sessions, and real-world case studies, you'll gain the practical skills and confidence needed to make informed decisions and maximize your returns.

Don't hesitate to reach us out for anything.

We would love to schedule a free consultation with you to discuss your goals as a real estate investor. 

Here's to financial freedom.

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